How The Economy Affects Shopping at Christmas

Shopping at Christmas

If you have ever wondered just how much an average family will spend over the Christmas period then this new infographic will help to shed some light on it for you. For some recent research, a leading UK voucher site asked a thousand consumers to calculate their costs this holiday season and compare it to 2007 in order to discover precisely how much of an effect the poor economic situation has had on families in real terms. The economy has a direct impact on our shopping habits and Christmas is one of the most important holidays for retailers. The economy affects how much time and money we must spend during the holidays. Learn more about how it affects shopping by visiting the website

Those that took part were requested to calculate the amount they are going to spend during Christmas 2012 when compared with a few years back, as well as the kind of things they are likely to buy for presents. Some other subjects that were dealt with in the questionnaire included whether consumers predict that they will get into financial debt or not as a result of the festive season, which members of the family have the most spent on gifts for them, and whether people find it tougher to purchase presents for women or man.

Some of the final results have been published in the infographic below and while you are able to clearly observe that general spending is down from what it was several years ago, it would appear that many are not reducing spending on drinks and food at Christmas as much as you might think. With more and more families using the web each year, the study also explored the way in which consumers prefer to do their shopping at the moment. Making purchases from mobile devices such as phones and tablet PCs is also on the increase and it appears as if this trend is likely to continue for years to come. To learn more about managing your budget click the website

A lot of the responses to the study make very interesting reading and there are several fairly unexpected results that turned up. It is true that Christmas is the one period of the year when people’s normal shopping behavior alters substantially but what are the actual figures? Shoppers at Christmas have a tight schedule to keep. Remember that the economy can affect shopping at Christmas. Stop by to learn more about how the economy affects shopping at Christmas. Keep on reading to find out.