Contactless Payment

Contactless payment

Contactless payment from Barclaycard has been around since 2008 and is now taking off in a big way all over the UK. Contactless credit and debit cards allow customers to pay for transactions under £20 simply by touching their card to a contactless payment terminal. With no need for a pin number, signature, authorization, or a receipt, using contactless is extremely fast and convenient.

Awareness about contactless payment is also on the rise; 84% of people now recognize the contactless symbol and in December last year over 3.8 million transactions took place via contactless in the UK.

Aside from the speed and convenience of using contactless, there are a lot of other benefits for customers. Many people don’t realize that contactless payments are insured against fraud, and according to Barclaycard research, fewer than 1 in 10 people still have concerns about using the service once they are aware of this fact. It actually makes contactless payment less risky than carrying cash; a real incentive for more people to start using the contactless option. The website quick payday loans 2012 provides some general details regarding Contactless payment.

Perhaps one of the best innovations that has come with the advent of contactless payment is the Barclaycard PayTag. It’s a sticky-backed contactless payment tag that can be stuck to whatever you’d like – your phone, your wallet or even somewhere less conventional if you really want:

In all seriousness though, the PayTag is a great way to make low-cost purchases easier for customers than ever before.

It’s not just customers that benefit from the ease and convenience of contactless payments though. Speeding up payment makes the whole transaction more efficient and easier for staff, and helps to reduce waiting times leading to better overall customer satisfaction in shops and restaurants. Some of the brands that are already benefiting from contactless payment include Starbucks, the Post Office, Boots, and Ikea. Click the website, The website provides you with general information about contactless payment systems.

Contactless payment may well be the future of low-cost purchase transactions, and all Barclays credit and debit cards now come with contactless technology as standard. So for businesses that want to move with the times training staff up on contactless and encouraging customers to use the service is a great step in the right direction. If you have any specific questions about contactless payments or other financial topics, The website cashing-az has the best to provide helpful information.