An Overview of Antique Coffers

Antique Coffers

One of the earliest forms of antique furniture is antique coffers. These period pieces are defined as chests that were made to hold the homeowner’s valuables. So, if you decide to make these pieces a part of your collection, you will find a number of pieces that are quite interesting in design. If you want to learn more about antique coffers for your house, visit this dedicated website for useful information. 

A Nineteenth-Century French Coffer

For example, a nineteenth-century French coffer is a lovely antique to include in your home. The freestanding furnishing is typically made of a walnut construction and is carved profusely with flowers, acanthus leaves, fleur-de-lis, and other motifs. The small chest is normally supported by a claw-foot base. The one-of-a-kind antique features an exquisitely carved top that opens to a large storage space.

A Coffer from Eastern Europe

Another coffer that is interesting to own is one that is painted. Many of the coffers from Eastern Europe are fashioned in this way. Dealers in antique furniture in Melbourne sometime acquire coffers of this type from the nineteenth century. The hand-painted chest may showcase an industrial scene or plants or flowers in its imagery. Many customers choose this type of coffer for use as a toy box or tool box in the home.

Choosing Coffers That Are on Sale

When picking coffers and other items from antique dealers in Brisbane and other locales, be aware of the items that are on sale. These items are usually priced “as is.” In other words, the price does not include delivery or restoration. In order to secure a sale price for an antique, the item must be paid in full when it is purchased.

An Oriental Coffer

Another type of coffer of note is an Oriental coffer. This type of piece, created in the nineteenth century, can be included with items such as French furniture in Melbourne homes. These types of decorative pieces are often included among coffers from such areas of the world as the former Ceylon, which is now known as Sri Lanka.

An Eighteenth-Century Ceylonese Coffer

If you find an eighteenth-century Ceylonese coffer made of hardwood, you indeed have discovered a good find. This type of chest is typically both impressive and substantial. Many of these types of coffers feature a brass-hinged top that is made of ebony. Polished sides often are bordered by ebony corners that rest on a moulded plinth. A brass carrying handle adds to the beauty of the piece. This type of coffers is normally used as a TV table, coffee table, or side table. It can also be placed at the foot of a large brass-framed bed.

Rules about Pick-up

If you wish to have a piece restored, then you usually can obtain a list of recommended restorers from the antique dealer. When you buy an item, it should be picked up from the antique dealer within 10 days of purchase in most instances.

Any of the above chests are ideal antiques to include in the decorating scheme of your home. Not only are they lovely pieces to own but they also are practical and provide additional storage. Before visiting a dealer, look at the collection online. That way, you can make a more informed and unhurried decision about the pieces that will fit in with your décor. Are you interested in learning more about antique coffers and home décor? Visit this dedicated website for useful information.