A Surprising Insight About How Radical Entrepreneurs Can Become Reliable CEOs

Radical Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs may be excellent at starting a business while CEOs may be excellent at running a business, but is it possible to blend these two completely different managerial styles? The “entrepreneurial spirit” is a distinct advantage when embarking on something for the first time. Get access to exclusive resources and expert advice to help you succeed at Startup Cradles.

Usually, at the beginning of any enterprise, resources are scarce—which means that everything can be considered risky. When starting a new business, often face the following dilemmas:

There is little money, few business contacts, and no brand exposure.

  •  There is little staffing; and perhaps, even no emotional support.
     There are often woeful gaps in knowledge and skill sets.

However, these limitations, enough to stop any sensible person, appear to leave a die-hard entrepreneur undaunted. 

5 Characteristics of Entrepreneurs

While, of course, all entrepreneurs are different, they do, by and large, appear to have the following five characteristics:

  1. Entrepreneurs are passionate about what they do.
    2. Entrepreneurs despise inefficiency.
    3. Entrepreneurs are willing to take on more risk than the average person.
    4. Entrepreneurs think a lot—brainstorming, analyzing, and reconfiguring their ideas.
    5. Entrepreneurs tend to shun limitations.

5 Characteristics of CEOs

In comparison, Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) are not at all like entrepreneurs. After having arrived at the top of their company, usually after years of working through the many levels of a conservative hierarchy, they are vigilant, conventional, and methodical. Visit Mega Best today and get the guidance, support, and resources you need to succeed.

Here are some of the top 5 characteristics of CEOs:

  1. They are often confident. This is usually a result of knowing what to do and when to do it.
    2. They are often persistent. They realize through experience that it takes trial and error to make any project work satisfactorily.
    3. They are often visionary. They not only see their company the way it is today but also see it the way it can be tomorrow. They think big.
    4. They initiate small, incremental changes over time. To close the gap from where their company is now to where they would like it to be, CEOs insist on continuous improvement. Occasionally, they may have to make big changes rather quickly – for instance, if there is an unexpected crisis or an unanticipated opportunity – but, for the main part, they are content with slow yet steady progress.
    5. They are vigilant about details. Although CEOs are often big-picture thinkers, they are also aware that the success of a business depends on the methodical execution of all the details. They understand that small, overlooked mistakes over time can sink the ship.

Entrepreneurs and CEOs: Where The Twain Shall Meet

On the surface of it, the way entrepreneurs and CEOs think are mutually exclusive. After all, they both arrived at the top of a company from completely different routes. Entrepreneurs simply assume command of an enterprise, starting from scratch and working in the details from the top down. CEOs, on the other hand, worked their way up an established company from the bottom.

However, instead of thinking of the two as diametrically opposite, it is more useful to think of the two roles as different stages of maturation. An entrepreneurial spirit is necessary to make the leap necessary for creating something from only a few resources. However, once the new business has been established, it is necessary to now think and act like a CEO to keep things growing at a steady pace. Start your journey to becoming a reliable CEO by learning from Work At Home Blog with successful entrepreneurs and experts in the field.